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name: todd
e-mail address: minusagallbladder.ouch
date & time: Fri Nov 12 15:20:53 1999

Hey everyone...In case you hadn't heard...joy had her gall bladder removed on thursday night....she's recovering quite well....however, the doc happened to mention something about no volleyball this week.....a shock to us all.....anyway....hope you all have fun....we definately will be out there next weekend...anyone else interested?.....if you need the setup this week, call us or the fungs.....bye bye

name: Brent
e-mail address: ohmygoshtheyarestillalive.wow
date & time: Sat Nov 5 21:40:19 1999

Nice to see a lot of you are still alive! Hope things are well. Sunday around 10 am is a possibility, but only for about 2 hours. Looks like there are three... do I hear a fourth?


name: Rob
e-mail address: toomuch#$%@todo.org
date & time: Fri Nov 5 13:11:15 1999

Hey, y'all. I won't be able to make it this weekend. Next Saturday (11/13) looks OK though...Hasta luego.

name: violet
e-mail address: alittleshythisweekend.gov
date & time: Thu Nov 4 20:08:46 1999

i'm sorry all........i can't play this weekend....next weekend i'll be there for sure (my parent will probably tag along)....it is great to see some names from sunset past......hope to see you all next weekend! bye bye for now
killer v

name: Lisa (Blakley) Doering
e-mail address: Lisambd@yahoo.com
date & time: Thu Nov 4 00:58:22 1999

Wow! How many YEARS since I've played volleyball with all of you....seems like years anyway. Mike and I are looking to play some vball on Sunday. (Daddy's doing the babysitting of 6 week old Kimberly. I can't wait to get out there. Anybody need a "liability" partner-I'll make your playing look great!! ha! Well, hope to see some of you soon, and Drew and Alvin another time...Bye!...Lisa

name: Drew
e-mail address: drewdown@usa.net
date & time: Thu Nov 3 22:39:55 1999

Okay Mike, they're fixed. I think. But obviously you didn't really need them.

name: The Red Head
e-mail address: mlaurent@pacbell.net
date & time: Thu Nov 3 21:11:16 1999

Drew, you need to reset your east coast and west coast clocks back to standard time!

name: Mike Laurent
e-mail address: mlaurent@pacbell.net
date & time: Thu Nov 3 21:09:41 1999

Speaking as someone who hasn't been down to Sunset Beach for V-ball in too long a time to delve into here, Can I catch any of you there sunday, November 7th, between 9:30 and 10:00 AM?

name: Drew
e-mail address: drewdown@usa.net
date & time: Wed Nov 3 07:56:40 1999

I've got relatives visiting, so I won't be able to make it out
for V-ball for a couple of weeks. Alvin's gone to China for a
couple of weeks, so he won't be there either. Sorry, I hope you
guys have enough bodies to play and I'll be back out in a couple
of weeks. See ya!

P.S. - Hi Dixie! So you finally dropped by. Hope this satisfies
your beach volleyball cravings. Stop by anytime you need a fix.

name: Dixie Branch
e-mail address: dixieb@libero.it
date & time: Sun Oct 31 10:26:20 1999

Ciao Tutti,

Drew keeps telling me about this site, but I've been a lazy puttana (bitch). Would like to hear what's been happening with you all. I'm living in Turin, Italy in the NW corner of Italy near the Alps and ski season is just about to start. I'm playing a little indoor v-ball with some co-workers, but no one is much of a player, its more of a social thing. Tonight I'm going to Mexican food in the city center with a bunch of Italians and then on to my first Italian Halloween party. They celebrate tomorrow, like they do in Mexico, the Day of the Dead. Things are ok here, Drew can update you on all the problems of my life here, but I'm still not ready to come back to LA yet.

CIAO for now, Dixie

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